It's finally spring! That means Easter is coming, so we decided to share some of the fun with all of you by creating this Holiday Hideaways "Help Hopper!" version, featuring colorful eggs to find, and cute ducks and chicks to chase!


Holiday Hideaways are seek-and-find games that you can download, print, and play without leaving home! Each game includes instructions, several pages of items to cut out and hide, and hours of fun. People of all ages can enjoy this fun, interactive activity at parties, school, or at home.  Make it a holiday tradition for years of memories!

Holiday Hideaways - Easter "Help Hopper!" seek & find printable download game

  • All Holiday Hideaway games are created and distributed by Midnight Prism Collective, and no unauthorized reproduction is permissable. The characters, design, and verbage is the creation of Midnight Prism Collective.

    Once the download is purchased, it may be printed by the purchaser as often as is needed for personal/classroom use. Do not re-sell the file or printed copies of this game.

  • - Make sure your printer is set to print the proper weight of paper (cardstock is suggested for this game), gloss/matte, and confirm the correct size (file is 8.5" x 11") and color settings. Since this game will require a good amount of ink to print the beautiful colors, making sure everything is correct the first time will save you so much time and money! 

    -If you are using glossy paper (not recommended) be sure to print one sheet at a time, to avoid smudges.